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  • Trusted market place where trading integrity is king
  • Community of ID verified waste professionals
  • Secure chat so trades can be made in total confidence

We help traders, brokers, waste management, waste collectors, re-processors and manufacturers increase their revenues and achieve sustainability targets through the provision of a highly efficient marketplace which accelerates trusted relationship building and drives high standards of business ethics.

We are changing the world of waste trading

Facilitating trust

Waste and recovery trading is all about trust. Xworks provides the tools that eliminate room for any doubt and offer verified, trusted and community-vetted connections instead.

Eliminating rogue traders

You don’t need to worry about rogue traders creeping up at you anymore. The Xworks network is audited and verified, offering you new business connections without the headache.

Saving time

Instead of endless phone calls, emails, client meetings and site visists that often take months, if not years, and lead nowhere, Xworks gives you instant access to network that is all about making deals in a glimpse of time.

How we do it

  • Quantify and qualify your businesses waste; via KYC, AML, Environmental License checks, and trust certifications
  • Provision of our trusted marketplace to facilitate the speedy buying and selling of your waste commodities
  • Assess the value of your waste on the market and help to find potential buyers (qualifying your business as a supplier of new raw materials)
  • Manage the exchange of information and the contractual relationship with the buyers of your waste to ensure predictability of the supply and compliance with laws
  • Monitor the process and provide data to be shared online with your investors, customers and local authorities
  • Have a sustainability and efficiency benchmark by comparing your business models with other business alike

Features of our service

Compliance and regulations

Smart supply and demand matching


Data Analytics

Building a reputation for innovation 

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Trusted by traders

Xworks will pave the way to a brighter future. It not only cuts my business development activities by two thirds, it also allows me to get my goods out into the market faster and safer than any other network.

Jose Franco


Xworks will change the traditional way of doing business in the trading industry. For me closing a deal is lengthy and time consuming, but what Xworks is offering is unique and simplifies the entire process. It saves my time and money.

Leo Zhang


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