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Dedicated to solving the common challenges faced by traders & brokers:

Low to no trust

On many occasions, you don’t know the clients you trade with. Checking their credentials and making sure they are legitimate can take months of back and forth, costly credit reports and lengthy verification processes, which in many cases is a lot of work for little outcome.

Rogue traders

You’ve invested a lot of your time, effort and money into a deal only to find out that the material was not up to scratch or not available altogether. As a result, you’ve lost your most precious resources that you’ll never be able to recoup.

Lengthy time-consuming deals

Countless phone calls, emails, client meetings, site visits and often a lot of frustration just for one deal. It’s difficult to scale up when a single deal can take up to several months and even years to finalise.

Unreliable trading platforms

Poor regulatory compliance, rogue traders and lack of diversity of commodities. Solutions that promise to cut down your business development time but leave you with even bigger headache.

Xworks solves ALL these challenges.

It is a game-changing app bringing trust back to Waste & Recovery trading.

By verifying all users, we make sure that you never have to face rogue traders again.

Get ahead with Xworks

Provides you with a Trusted Network

Xworks is all about trust. Our verification process makes sure that all users are verified, and that user verification status, ratings and trading history are visible to all users. This means that you can always trade with trust and confidence.

Saves the ‘back office’ hassle

There is no need for back-and-forth emails and repetitive phone calls, all the information you need is within the app, just a tap away.

Gives you access to diverse materials

We give you access to more than 10 different material categories from the Waste & Recovery industry.

Links you with various industry traders

There’s no need to use any other industry platforms. Xworks brings together traders from various different backgrounds of the waste & recovery industry.

Pricing packages


Experience the benefits that a trusted marketplace can bring to your business


  • Explore our trusted market place and see what’s on offer
  • Create a simple profile to start your Xworks journey
  • Experience how everything works from a view only perspective


For traders ready for the full Xworks experience to take their business to the next level


  • Unlimited listings in our trusted marketplace
  • Real time personal ID verification
  • Secure chat with Xworks members
  • Access guidance from industry leaders
  • Company verification (coming soon)
  • Discounted company credit reports (coming soon)

Trusted by seasoned traders

Xworks will change the traditional way of doing business in the trading industry. For me closing a deal is lengthy and time consuming, but what Xworks is offering is unique and simplifies the entire process. It saves my time and money which I can use in other areas of my business.

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