Our mission

Solving the global waste problem

To become the authoritative source for data and best practices by championing circular economy, help attain the global recycling targets, and creating a waste free planet.

We are enabling the seamless global trade of waste and recycling commodities, goods and services in a unique and game changing platform that will democratise access and revolutionise the industry.

By using cloud and mobile technologies we are driving innovation to divert many more tonnes from landfill and illegal dumping while improving recycling targets and encouraging sustainability and circular economy agendas.

Xworks as featured on Advancement TV with Ted Danson (October 2021)


Why we do what we do

Over 2 billion tons of waste are generated worldwide every year and almost 70% of that waste still ends in landfill.

To help solve this problem on a global level, Xworks is addressing it at its root and innovating the way trading of waste and recyling materials is done.

By using AI and Blockchain technologies we are democratising access to waste materials and bringing trust back to trading.


Key objectives

Landfill diversion

69.6% of global waste still ends in landfill. To change this statistic, Xworks is tackling the issue at its root and encourages further reuse and recycling of materials. 

Achieved targets

Achieving sustainable targets for waste management is no easy feat. However, with better trading practices and less illegal dumping, recycling and reuse of materials will be encouraged having a positive impact on sustainable targets.

Less illegal dumping

Illegal waste dumping and rogue traders are the biggest painpoint of the waste trading industry. Putting trust back into trading through thorough verification processes will help combat this problem on a global level.

Sustainable goals we are actively working towards

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