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Key features

  • Provides a quick way for users to verify their ID and their company which increases their status and allows us to create a trustworthy marketplace
  • Makes helpful suggestions of commodities that fit your profile
  • Supercharges your networking by making suggestions of fellow community members that could help your business grow
  • Easy to use online marketplace allowing you to search and find the commodities you need
  • Secure chat allowing you to chat with buyers and sellers instantly to ask questions, build relationships and close deals
  • Detailed member profiles clearly presenting their verification and trust status allowing you to do business in total confidence

Who we serve


Waste managers/collectors

Recycling facilities



Our solutions


Ideal and cost effective solution for individual waste and re-cycling professionals such as traders and brokers


Ideal for larger operations such as waste management companies, waste collectors, re-cycling/re-processing facilities, product manufacturers and government bodies

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