Xworks enterprise solution

Simplifying the business of waste processing & recycling

As legislators introduce measures to combat illegal dumping and overuse of landfill sites

The EU has declared large scale landfill illegal

The UN has vowed to end plastic pollution by 2030

Xworks enterprise solution helps to answer the 3 common questions asked by customers

How can I find good quality recycling materials for my manufacturing activities?

How can I find a recycling solution for the material output from my manufacturing?

Whom can I trust to collect and recycle my output responsibly and legally?

The 4 pillars of our enterprise solution


All active members of the Xworks community are verified so you know who you are dealing with. Over time their trust status is calculated and presented for all members to see.


We smart match our members to provide the best possible contacts throughout our global network of verified buyers (no matter where they sit in the value chain).


We aggregate key party, process, shipping and logistics information to make compliance easy. We crack the code between compliance and technology saving you a great deal of time


Our customer analytics dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the industry landscape & market trends helping you stay ahead of the pack.

We offer additional features to give you the advantage

  • Recieve support and guidance to allow you to reach your sustainability goals
  • Offset €10/tonne of plastic removed from the environment which is audited & confirmed
  • Benchmark your recycling performance against that of your competitors
  • Automated quality inspection process
  • Track your shipments globally using the blockchain
  • Avoid claims by following our industry best practices
  • Cutting edge market intelligence & trends via analytics
  • Improve the quality of plastics produced using out AI driven solutions

Xworks enterprise solution is a flexible product that fits your needs

A self service app based SAS model depending on the size of your organisation

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